Merging Mundos

A deep understanding of culture is paramount
to successfully establish your company in non-traditional markets

“Merging Mundos is an international enterprise supporting Businesses, Governments and Civil Society to venture into and establish new markets in South America and Africa. Based out of Nairobi and Buenos Aires, we promote and support South-South collaboration encouraging inclusive business for economic gain and social transformation.

We treat every opportunity as unique and understand the people behind each one and what is really important to them. We have been on the ground learning and engaging in actions that generate the greatest economic and social impact. ”

Our vision is for an Africa and Latin America engaged in sustainable and impactful partnerships. We see governments and businesses expressing and cultivating core values in relationship with one another for mutual and continental benefit.
Our values, which guide all aspects of our work and interactions are Respect, Peace, Transparency, Responsibility and Freedom.

Opening and Developing Markets

While we can easily connect you to your counterpart or potential client across the continent, our commitment is to long term partnerships with clear economic and social inclusiveness and impact. We invest in prospects with companies and people who are committed to sustainability and transformation.

Cultural Tourism

Our passion and expertise alters your perception of reality. We show you the hearts of Africa and South America through the local people, tribes, customs and traditions. We take you to places where the soul engages with and transforms humanity.

Zaynah Khanbhai

Passionate about connecting and giving voice to communities and organisations across cultures and continents. Committed to honouring values and to creating harmonious, inclusive and impactful partnerships.

Developed, led and sustained strategic alliances within and across Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Central Asia.


Justo Casal LL.M 

Passionate about knowing and deeply understanding local communities and cultures. Committed to providing durable solutions which enable each person and organisation to fulfill their truest potential and inspire others.

Opened up African market for Latin American companies, facilitated access for African companies, governments and organisations to Latin America, assisted refugees to have a better future, and generated sustainable educational projects for local communities through cultural tourism.


Justo Casal and his Kenyan partner strengthen the bond between the two countries. He comes in handy as the bridge between Kenya and Argentina . Thank you Justo for ably filling in to ensure the team was indeed comfortable. Thank you for organizing the get together with the Industry Chiefs.

Joseph IrachaAgribusiness Consultant, East Africa

My experience in Argentina changed dramatically (and for the better) after meeting Justo. He was by far the most connected person there, and extremely generous with his time and hospitality. The people that I met through the events that he hosted, and the assistance he was able to give to me (AND the people I later sent his way) leads me to recommend contacting him as an important part of the South American travel experience to anyone who is heading to that part of the world.

Colin WrightUSA, Owner, Exile Lifestyle & ASW Member

A well connected trusted trip advisor

Gianmarco TascaDirector CITIGROUP, Italy & ASW Member

I felt Zaynah was really great at listening and being able to probe me in a way to allow me to think for myself. I remember even just after one session I felt stronger and my awareness of my emotions was more and a lot more clear.

Beena TohaniPhotographer at Zurihsia Studios

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“We are a unique enterprise operating from Argentina, Colombia and Kenya, a triangle of key markets in South America and Africa.”