Opening & Developing Markets

We recognize what is missing in a market, what will add value and we fill that gap with the required the products and services.

We consult, coach, represent you and/or set you up immediately with the right counterpart, depending on your need. In any situation we provide full support for an entire processes from choosing the product to its delivery in the destined market. We ensure all the necessary systems are in place for success.

A registered company in Kenya, Argentina and Colombia, our networks span both continents. As a result we guarantee your access to reliable networks that accomplish your objectives.

In addition

We organize specialized trade missions and tours to connect investors directly to counterparts in destined markets.

We offer Capacity Building opportunities and Student Internships with certifications upon completion. We engage strong public-private alliances to guarantee a unique educational and cultural experience.

Contact us to design the best approach for your objectives in a new market in Africa or South America.

Cultural & Sports Tourism

We offer authentic experiences in cultural diversity, sports exchange and commercial integration in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, encouraging visitors to imprint their uniqueness in the hearts of local communities and let their souls connect through self-discovery.

Golfers, we organise for you to indulge in the sport of your passion on exceptional courses on either continent.

Polo Players can ride with local champions and renowned instructors on the unique pitches in surprising destinations.

Connect with us to live the experience of your dreams in Africa or Latin America.

Inclusive business and social transformation

We design and implement strategies that integrate low-income and vulnerable communities into business models, resulting in mutually beneficial relationships that enable companies to profit while contributing to poverty reduction and improving quality of life.

We coach individuals, groups and organisations to identify and express purpose from their core values. We design and facilitate workshops and speaking events resulting in confidence, purpose and fulfillment.

Connect with us to make your difference.

Zaynah, I had a really good experience throughout our time together and thought you managed the group beautifully through some deep conversations. Thank you for opening up the space for us to have this experience.

ParticipantConnecting to Values Workshop

Zaynah is naturally curious, authentic and committed to helping people live their values. Coaching, connecting people and building strategic alliances and partnerships are a few of her biggest assets. I know she is going to make a difference in the lives of countless people.

Danny StoneAuthor of the Book, "You Have the Keys Now Drive”

Zaynah was really great at listening and being able to probe me in a way to allow me to think for myself. I remember even just after one session I felt stronger and my awareness of my emotions was a lot more clear.

Beena TohaniPhotographer | Zurihsia Studios